Oldcastle Materials’ Business Model

Oldcastle Materials’ growth and success are a direct result of a well-planned and well-executed business model: We’re simultaneously a large company with scalable resources and a local company with deep community ties and market knowledge.

What does that mean? Oldcastle Materials has approximately 1,200 locations in its nationwide network of locally operated companies. Each of these companies has a history of excellence in entrepreneurship and customer service, giving Oldcastle Materials a competitive advantage.

Local Company

Each of our local companies retains its core identity. Our companies continue providing excellent service to their customers and maintain their entrepreneurial spirit, names, and unique attributes.

Large Company

As a large, national network of local and regional companies, Oldcastle Materials leverages the resources of a large business to bring value to local operations. Our local companies have access to Oldcastle Materials’ advanced technology, broad industry expertise, purchasing power, talent, and opportunities for career growth.

This model is centered on supporting our local businesses and keeping them focused on their growth and development. This local company/large company balance has made Oldcastle Materials a leading provider of aggregates, asphalt, ready-mixed concrete, and construction services. We are No. 1 in asphalt production and No. 3 in aggregates and ready-mixed concrete production, and, most importantly, our safety record is among the best in the industry.

Global Connections Through CRH 

Oldcastle Materials operates under Oldcastle, Inc., the North American arm of Dublin, Ireland-based CRH plc, one of the world’s leading building products and materials companies. Oldcastle employs close to 40,000 people in nearly 1,800 operating locations in 50 states and six Canadian provinces.